2004 Current Text

The Current Text has been discontinued. The 2004 edition provided below is for archive purposes only. Please refer to the Original Pronouncements for current guidance.

Volume II as of June 30, 2004 (4.23 MB)

Purpose of the Current Text – Volume II

In addition to the authoritative volume of Original Pronouncements, FASAB Staff provides a Current Text referred to as Volume II. Current Text presents the authoritative portions of the Original Pronouncements in a topical arrangement. For example, all the literature related to direct loans is presented together. The Current Text is a resource for preparers and auditors but is not an authoritative reference since it does not undergo Board level review for accuracy.

Organization of the Current Text

The Current Text combines the FASAB guidance according to the major subject areas to which they apply. The subject areas are arranged in alphabetical sections and each section of the Current Text has been designated with a corresponding alphanumeric code. The numeric part of the code has been arbitrarily selected to allow space for future subject areas. Each section includes the source of the guidance included as well as other related Volume II references.