Establishing Opening Balances for General Property, Plant, and Equipment: Amending (SFFAS) 6, SFFAS 10, SFFAS 23, and Rescinding SFFAS 35

Number Respondent(s) Affiliation Letter
1 William Mallison House Committee Veterans Affairs PDF
2 Elliot Lewis DOL – OIG PDF
3 Carla A. Krabbe Social Security Administration PDF
4 Rochelle Ford National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency PDF
5 Christopher S. Osborne Environmental Protection Agency PDF
6 Lisa M. Ziehmann National Aeronautics and Space Administration PDF
7 Kevin L. Brown Department of Labor PDF
8 Gordon T. Alston Department of Commerce PDF
9 Richard C. Culbertson Asset Leadership Network PDF
10 Mark A. Rose US Coast Guard PDF
11 Amanda Nelson KPMG PDF
12 Wesley Miller Department of the Army PDF
13 Alaleh A. Jenkins Department of Defense PDF
14 Andrew Lewis Greater Washington Society of CPAs PDF
15 Paul McEnrue Department of the Interior PDF
16 Tom Park Department of Energy PDF
17 Lealan Miller Association of Government Accountants, FMSB PDF
18 OCFO National Security Agency PDF
19 Carolyn R. Hantz Department of Defense, OIG PDF
20 Tracy Greene Grant Thornton, LLP PDF
21 William Guilford Department of Housing and Urban Development PDF