Accounting for Impairment of General Property, Plant, and Equipment Remaining in Use

Number Respondent(s) Affiliation Letter
1 Tammy L. Smutny HUD PDF
2 Marc Rappaport NOAA PDF
3 Carla Krabbe Social Security Administration PDF
4 Anita Jones Environmental Protection Agency PDF
5 Robert Kienitz Department of Defense PDF
6 Gordon T. Alston Department of Commerce PDF
7 Ronald DiLustro NASA-Facilities Engineering Division PDF
8 Nadine Tremper NASA-OCFO PDF
9 Douglas Glenn Department of the Interior PDF
10 Andrew C. Lewis GWSCPA PDF
11 Christopher H. Flaggs U. S. Department of State PDF
12 Melanie R. Cenci U. S. Department of Agriculture-OCFO PDF
13 Alexis M. Stowe General Services Administration-OCFO PDF
14 Mark E. Easton Department of Defense-OCFO PDF
15 Elliot P. Lewis Department of Labor PDF
16 William Joe Office of Personnel Management-OCFO PDF
17 William Fleming Securities and Exchange Commission PDF
18 Eric S. Berman Association of Government Accountants PDF
19 Cynthia D. Simpson Department of Labor – OCFO PDF
20 Amanda Nelson KPMG PDF
21 April Stephenson Department of Energy PDF
22 Edward Murray Department of Veterans Affairs – DCFO PDF
23 Carole Y. Banks Department of the Treasury PDF