Leases: An Amendment of SFFAS 5, Accounting for Liabilities of the Federal Government and SFFAS 6, Accounting for Property, Plant, and Equipment

Number Respondent Affiliation Letter
1 Housing and Urban Development-OCFO Federal-Other PDF
2 Health and Human Services-OFCO Federal-Preparer PDF
3 Social Security Administration-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
4 Dept. of Homeland Security-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
5 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-NRCS Federal-Preparer PDF
6 U.S. Postal Service-OIG Federal-Auditor PDF
7 Department of Defense-OIG Federal-Auditor PDF
8 Nuclear Regulatory Commission-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
9 Department of Defense-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
10 Department of Energy-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
11 Broadcasting Board of Governors-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
12 Department of Labor-OIG Federal-Auditor PDF
13 Department of the Treasury Federal-Preparer PDF
14 Broadcasting Board of Governors (Mixson) Federal-Other PDF
15 Department of Labor-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
16 Asset Leadership Network Association/Industry PDF
17 Dept. of Justice-JMD-Finance QC&CG Federal-Other PDF
18 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Federal-Preparer PDF
19 Department of the Interior-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
20 National Aeronautics and Space Administration-OCFO Federal-Other PDF
21 Greater Washington Society of CPAs Association/Industry PDF
22 General Services Administration-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
23 Department of Commerce-OCFO Federal-Preparer PDF
24 KPMG LLP Accounting Firm PDF
25 Association of Government Accountants Association/Industry PDF